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Module 1 - Program Management
1A) Introduction presentation.
1B) Program Management presentation.
1C) Project Initiation presentation.

Module 2 - Consultant Procurement
Consultant Procurement presentation

Module 3 - Environmental
3-1)  NEPA Process Overview presentation.
3-2)  The Probable Class of NEPA Action Form presentation.
3-3)  Programmatic Agreements & The STIP/TIP presentation.
3-4)  The NEPA Determination Form presentation.
3-5)  LPA Training Program, Purpose and Need presentation.
3-6)  LPA Training Program, Logical Termini presentation.
3-7)   Alternatives Analysis presentation.
3-8)   Project Description presentation.
3-9)   Evaluating Potential Impacts, "Defining the Environmental Study Area" presentation.
3-10) Right of Way, Easements, and Relocations presentation.
3-11) Environmental Justice (EJ) presentation.
3-12) Section 4 (f) presentation.
3-13) Agency Coordination presentation.
3-14) Air & Noise presentation.
3-15) Prime and Unique Farmlands presentation.
3-16) Hazardous Material/Waste presentation.
3-17) Public Involvement presentation.
3-18) NPDES and Construction Sites presentation.
3-19) Threatened and Endangered Species and Related Laws presentation.
3-20) The NEPA Determination Form, Wetlands, Streams, Floodplains and Rivers presentation.
3-21) NEPA Determination Form, Permits (Page 5) presentation.
3-22) NEPA Document Preparation Qualifications presentation.
3-23) Wetland Delineation Requirements and Qualifications presentation.
3-24) Introduction to the Categorical Exclusion Form presentation.
3-25) Socio-Economic Considerations presentation.
3-26) CE Form Blocks 5-8, (Historic and Cultural Resources, 4(f) $ 6(f), T & E species Farmlands presentation.
3-27) Categorical Exclusion Form, Block 9 Wetlands/Waters of the U.S. presentation.
3-28) Program, Aesthetics presentation.
3-29) Project Mitigations and Environmental Commitments presentation.
3-30) Overview of the End of the CE Form presentation.
3-31) The Green Sheet presentation.
3-32) Administrative Record presentation.
3-33) Instructions for using this template presentation.

Module 4 - Design
4A) Design Engineering presentation
4B) Design, Establishing the Scope of the Work presentation.
4C) Design Engineering, Learning Objectives presentation.
4D) Design Engineering, Modules presentation.
4E) Application of the Design, Exception Process presentation.
4F) Special Studies presentation.

Module 5- Reimbursements
5A) Welcome LPA RC Utilities, NDOR presentation.
5B) Sub-Receipient Financial Responsibilities for Local Governments presentation.

Module 6 - CACC
6-1)  Federal Highway Administration, Contract Administration Core Curriculum presentation.
6-2A) Section II, Federal Statutes and Regulations presentation.
6-2B) Other Contract Provisions, Section II B presentation.
6-2C) Part II C Other Program Requirements presentation.
6-3A) State Pre-award Procedures presentation.
6-3B) Post Award Procedures presentation.
6-4)  Section IV, Other Issues presentation.
6-5)  U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General, Fraud Awareness Briefing presentation.

Module 7 - Title VI, EOCCP, DBE, QJT
7-A) Title VI Program presentation.
7-B) FHWA Equal Opportunity Contractor Compliance Program (EOCCP) presentation.
7-C) US DOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program presentation.
7-D) On-the Job Training Program (OJT) presentation.

Module 8 -PS&E
8A) Plans, Specs & Estimates (PS&E) presentation.
8B) Program, Engineer's Estimate presentation.

Module 9 - QAQC
9A) Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) presentation.
9B) Quality Management presentation.

Module 10 - ROW
10A) Right-of-Way Acquisition Guide presentation.
10B) Exercise Plan presentation.

Student must achieve a 75% passing score for both Week A and Week B. In Week A, the average of the four Module tests are one-half of the Week A average and the Final Exam Score is one-half of the Week score. In Week B, the three Module tests are averaged and must achieve a 75% passing score.


Ogallala Annual RC Qualification Workshop modules (11/3-11/4/10)

Day One - Agenda
1 - Nebraska Action Plan - Sharing Progress and Success
2 - 2010 RC Workshop
3 - Revisions and Additions to LPA Manual
4 - Roadway Design Topics
5 - NBIS and You
6(a) - NEPA Process Overview
6(b) - The "Probable Class of NEPA Action" Form
6(c) - Programic Agreements
6(d) - The " Programmatic Categorical Exclusion" Form
6(e) - 4(f) and 6(f) Resources and Public Involvement
6(f) - Environmental Roundtable Session
6(g) - Wetlands and Water Resources - Review Procedure for Federal Aid

Day Two - Agenda
2(1) - One Auditor's Observations and Recommendations
2(2) - Preventing Discrimination in the Financial-Aid Program: A Systematic Interdisciplinary Approach
2(3) - RCW Construction
2(4) - Traffic Engineering
2(5) - A Total Shift - Overview of the NDOR Materials and Research Division
2(6) - Quality Management Section
2(7) - Ethics and Conflict of Interest
2(8) - LPA Utilities

Mahoney State Park Annual RC Qualification Workshop modules (11/9-11/10/10)

Agenda Topic
#1 - LPA, Sharing Progress and Success
#2(a) - 2010 RC Workshop, Topic One
#2(b) - 2010 RC Workshop, Topic Two
#2(c) - 2010 RC Workshop, Topic Three
#3 - 2010 RC Workshop,1108 Contracts
#4 - 2010 RC Workshop, Roadway Design Topics
#5 - Bridge Load Rating for Counties
#6(1) - NEPA Overview Presentation
#6(2) - Probable Class Form
#6(3) - Programmatic Agreements
#6(4) - NEPA Form
#6(5) - 4(f) & 6(f) Resources & Public Involvement
#6(6) - Wetlands and Water Resources
#6(7) - Environmental Round Table Topics
#7 - LPA Utility
#8 - RC Refresher, Title VI Presentation
#9 - RCW Construction Division
#10 - Traffic Engineering
#11 - Responsible Charge Responsibilities
#12 - RC Workshop Questions and Answers
#13 - Ethics and Conflict of Interest
#14 - One Auditor's Observations & Recommendations

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